Shouxi Luo

I am a Lecturer with the School of Information Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University. Currently, I am working on building flexible and performance-optimized network protocols for emerging networked systems/applications like distributed machine learning and serverless computing.

Prior to joining Southwest Jiaotong University, I was an engineer working on cloud storage systems at Huawei for one year. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in communication and information system from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2016. During my PhD, I also spent one year at ETH Zurich working with Prof. Laurent Vanbever. Before that, I earned my bachelor's degree in communication engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 2011.

To contact me, drop me an email at what at what .

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Selected Publications


Efficient File Dissemination in Data Center Networks with Priority-based Adaptive Multicast
Efficient Multisource Data Delivery in Edge Cloud With Rateless Parallel Push
Selective Coflow Completion for Time-sensitive Distributed Applications with Poco
A Multiobjective Computation Offloading Algorithm for Mobile Edge Computing
Online job scheduling for distributed machine learning in optical circuit switch networks
JPAS: Job-progress-aware flow scheduling for deep learning clusters
PSNet: Reconfigurable network topology design for accelerating parameter server architecture based distributed machine learning
STDPG: A Spatio-Temporal Deterministic Policy Gradient Agent for Dynamic Routing in SDN


Near-Optimal Multicast Tree Construction in Leaf-Spine Data Center Networks
Customizable network update planning in SDN
Scalable explicit path control in software-defined networks
An integer encoding grey wolf optimizer for virtual network function placement
Flow-aware explicit congestion notification for datacenter networks
A PBIL for Delay Constrained Virtual Network Function Placement with Load Balancing
MonLink: Piggyback Status Monitoring over LLDP in Software-Defined Energy Internet


Swing State: Consistent Updates for Stateful and Programmable Data Planes
Cotask scheduling in cloud computing
Scalable path provision in software defined networks
Enhancing the reliability of services in NFV with the cost-efficient redundancy scheme


Towards Practical and Near-Optimal Coflow Scheduling for Data Center Networks
Arrange your network updates as you wish
Decentralized deadline-aware coflow scheduling for datacenter networks
Achieving Fast and Lightweight SDN Updates with Segment Routing
Efficient and Low-Delay Task Scheduling for Big Data Clusters in a Theoretical Perspective
Information-agnostic coflow scheduling with optimal demotion thresholds


Practical flow table aggregation in SDN
Consistency is Not Easy: How to Use Two-Phase Update for Wildcard Rules?
Minimizing average coflow completion time with decentralized scheduling
Dynamic Topology Management in Optical Data Center Networks
Fast lossless traffic migration for SDN updates


Traffic-aware VDC embedding in data center: A case study of fattree
Fast incremental flow table aggregation in SDN
Dynamic topology management in optical datacenter networks